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Nirdy Birds - Producers and purveyors of nerd culture. Find us everywhere as Nirdy Birds (Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube) and NirdyBirds Productions on Facebook.

‘It’s Not Custard’, it’s a dark comedy short you should help fund

Girl or guy, if you’re a reader of this blog, chances are high that you can relate to It’s Not Custard‘s protagonist, Louise. She’s bullied by family, friend, and foe alike, while having to also deal with a serious case of zits. It’s almost autobiographical for many of us, is it not?

Where things take a turn for Louise is when she wishes to be left alone; she then finds her acne disappeared and revenge against her tormentors on the horizon.

It’s Not Custard, written and directed by Kate McCoid and produced by Alison Wroblewski, will be a dark comedy short that may be appealing to bullying victims and pimple popping fetishes alike. The film has some great talent on board, not least of which is Waldo Mason and his incredible prosthetic work (I’m not kidding, you guys have to check out his website).

McCoid & Co. have taken their pitch to indiegogo and are asking for our help. They’ve set a goal of £10,000 ($15,900 USD), and they’re a third of the way there with 23 days to go as of this writing. There’s a special bonus on offer: a FREE SFX acne tutorial on their website. Tangible perks range from a copy of the script to the giant zit seen in the concept art, and the popper in me is trying to figure out how much blood I have to donate to be able to afford that perk.

Or, you could beat me to it and donate.

Feeling one way or the other about Arianne Martell? We want YOU to be on our ‘Council of Drunken Fools’

We’re starting a new show, inspired by this post found on the Ultrafacts tumblr

+ this article from HuffPo:


You see, we like to drink, so being on a council of drunkards is quite appealing to us. We’re not really partiers, though it could be argued that being drunk is all the party one would need. The only remaining issue would be, “what to ‘council’ over?”

Nerd shit. We gon’ council over nerd shit.

Take for instance D&D deciding to leave out Arianne-fucking-Martell (as far as we currently know) out of season 5 of Game of Thrones.

Arianne-fucking-Martell, seen here with Ser Arys Oakheart

Arianne-fucking-Martell, seen here with Ser Arys Oakheart

So we’re gonna get drunk, whip out the old Nikon, and discuss the pros and cons of this decision.

And this is where YOU come in.

We want to know what your opinions are, for this subject and those in the future. While we will be scanning the webs on our own for people’s opinions, you can be proactive and respond to this post, or let us know by responding to our related topic posts on our Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts. Particularly poignant viewpoints will be read during the video, the first of which should post this Sunday (August 3rd) on our YouTube channel.

Added bonus: each milestone follower/friend/subscriber on any of said social channels will be recognized in video. Because you guys are just that special to us.

So let’s get to it, shall we? Are you ok with Arianne being (probably) cut from HBO’s Game of Thrones, or are you just frothing mad?

Trailer for Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ makes me want to puke, and that’s a good thing

I’ve been bummed lately over the quality of horror movies I’ve seen recently. Aside from the last Paranormal Activity’s decent jump scares, I haven’t been all that frightened. It just seems like directors are employing overused trope after overused trope, and I can typically see them coming a mile away. I haven’t seen a horror movie that threw me for a loop in a long time.

Which is why I’m so excited at how sick the trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk makes me feel. I’ll admit that when I first heard Mr. Smith was making a movie about a guy obsessed with walruses, I thought to myself, “oh great, that’s gonna be weird.” And truth be told, it is pretty weird, but in a wonderfully frightening way. In the space of 2 1/2 minutes I asked myself “man, what if?” like 167 times, throwing up in my mouth a little each time. What’s nuts about that is that it’s all psychological, because you don’t really even see anything:

It’s because of that fact that I’m confident this movie will be a great horror entry – with the gory scenes either implied or hinted at, there’s no “they showed all the good parts in the trailer” trap. I truly enjoyed Red State, so I’m confident that Tusk won’t be a disappointment such as what I’m used to experiencing lately. Tusk stars Justin Long, Michael Parks, Genesis Rodriguez, and Haley Joel Osment, and releases September 19 of this year.


I’m tired of waiting for ‘Fallout 4′, so I’m building Vault 313

I don’t know how Bethesda live with themselves depriving us of Fallout 4 development news that has even a shred of veracity, I truly don’t. Whatever ways they find to live with themselves is beyond me, but I know I’m not gonna take it lying down. I figured I could be part of the problem, or part of the solution. I’m choosing to be part of the solution.

I’m making a Fallout: New Vegas nerd cave in my basement.


The idea came to me a few months ago, when I decided that I wasn’t going to paint my basement floor not one more time. Also, it smells pretty dank down here due to plumbing issues. If you pay any attention to national news, then you know that Detroit is two tics north of third world ruin. While my lot is whole and intact, there are a couple of empty lots behind my backyard, complete with unchecked tree and shrubbery growth. Those roots grow into my main drainage pipe, and every 6-10 months or so, the basement floods, ruining my paint job. I have a pretty awesome basement that’s being underutilized because of this issue, so I had to think of how to make it presentable to guests in a way that works these problems into the design scheme. Being a Fallout addict, the answer was all but clear.

What solidified the plan for me was when I saw my sister’s ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ souvenir sign on a bench in her room, now broken thanks to her devil spawn 5-year-old daughter. Much like that old Kohler commercial where a wealthy couple barges into an architect’s office and tells him to design their house around a faucet they picked out (don’t act like you don’t remember it), I decided to design my nerd cave around this sign.

Although I plan to include a ton of New Vegas-inspired features (mid-century style furniture, a bar with Nuka Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla fridges, a pool table, and other game-inspired decor), I didn’t think I could get far without the New Vegas sign. This is especially true when considering that I’ll be filming the various stages of this reno, and I’d need the redecorated Vegas sign for the opening sequence.

And the opening sequence is kick-ass, if I do say so myself:

Look forward to new videos for Vault 313 as projects are completed, though I will say that they won’t be showing up regularly, and the project won’t be completed for months, ostensibly. This is fine, since I’m confident that no matter how long I take, I’ll still be done before Bethesda announce the next installment in the Fallout franchise.


In need of some halp! (Bloggers Wanted)


Nirds, I need your halp! I’ve accepted a new role within my organization, and with it will come new responsibilities, which means less time for blogging. Wah.

I don’t want to shut down the blog, so I’m sending out a plea. Or, think of it more like an internship, where you’ll get to work for no money, but build experience and get exposure. That’s right, I need writers, and probably an admin for my Facebook page! If you’re an aspiring writer/blogger who needs to shore up your chops before you arrive on the scene, then send me a sample of your writing, and you may be chosen to write for NirdyBirds. Besides general nerdery interests, I’m looking for writers interested in reporting on the following fields:

  • Video Gaming
  • General Gaming (tabletop, card games)
  • Online Video
  • Television
  • Movies (domestic & foreign)
  • Books & Writings (fiction, sci-fi, comics)
  • Anime & Manga
  • Cosplay
  • Music
  • Fan Art/Fan Fiction
  • Gadgets & Tech
  • Autos

As you can see, I have quite a bit of room for a few writers, so don’t hesitate to send me your samples. Again, I have to stress that YOU WILL NOT BE PAID ANY MONEY if you write for the blog, but you will gain experience and exposure – your byline is yours, all credit for your writing will be given to you. I maintain editorship, and will still approve all articles before they go live. If writing isn’t your deal, I’ll also be in need of an admin for the Facebook page. Prior experience a plus, but not necessary. Email your interest to me at I look forward to reading you soon!

So I guess I’m the only one who remembers ‘Black Jesus’ was already a thing


Riding high off of the announcement of The Boondocks season 4 premiere date (April 21, 2014, btw), I was over the moon when news broke recently that series creator Aaron McGruder will be bringing a new, half hour live-action series to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim called Black Jesus, starring John Witherspoon, Charlie Murphy, and Corey Holcomb, with Gerald “Slink” Johnson in the titular role.

I. Was. Geeked.

However, none of the articles I read about the show made any mention of it being based off of vignettes that were released a few years ago on the ‘BoondocksBootleg’ website and YouTube channel. To me this was odd, because the vignettes were so effin’ funny. I remember waiting anxiously for the vignettes to come out (along with the Tubesteak vids, pure hilarity, those), but they stopped being produced, so I was forced to move on with my life.

To me, this news was exciting, and I found myself wanting to reacquaint myself with the content. Sadly, I hit a brick wall. The YouTube account ‘BoondocksBootleg’ no longer exists; you can find one, maybe two of the Tubesteak videos under other accounts on the site, but none of the Black Jesus vignettes. The only thing I saw that was associated with Black Jesus was a video of the series’ full-length theme song. And as far as the website goes:



Undeterred, I pressed on. Fortunately, a brief internet search helped me locate a few of the Black Jesus vignettes, and they’re just as funny as I remember. Check out the videos below to see for yourself, and get an idea of what we may expect from the Adult Swim series, which is due to premiere later in 2014.

Black Jesus_ It's Getting Old by 848FILMS
‘Black Jesus: It’s Getting Old’

Black Jesus In the Club by chizkopf
‘Black Jesus: In The Club’

Black Jesus Gluttony (a k a Deadly Sin #6) by chizkopf
‘Black Jesus: Gluttony aka Deadly Sin #6′

If you read our ‘Nirdy After Dark’ Tumblr, you can now watch our ‘Nirdy After Dark’ stories! (Mature content inside)

Sometimes I get the hankerin’ to write short stories. Whenever I get this hankerin, I plop my work over at our Tumblr, Nirdy After Dark. I write sci-fi mostly, but I try to cram in as much sex as possible without it being porn, hence the title of the Tumblr. I didn’t tell you guys about it because I didn’t really care to, but one day I was at my desk and my son was watching creepypasta videos on YouTube. I got the idea that, holy crap, I could do something similar with my short stories. So, here we are.

I will produce a video for each short story that currently exists on the Tumblr. I admit that I haven’t added anything new lately, because I haven’t been particularly inspired, but that may change depending on the response to the video series. The first story up for visualization is Don’t Ask Questions, about a single woman on the dating scene who, after tiring of having casual sex encounters, decides to give the sweet weirdo a try. Turns out, he’s had his eye on her for quite a while. Again, this story is sexy, so if you’re underage, kick rocks. If you’re of age but still a bit squeamish about human beings acting like they’re supposed to, go to our YouTube page for the censored version of this vid.

For everyone else, I present the uncensored version of Nirdy After Dark episode one, Don’t Ask Questions:

Here’s the official trailer for ‘Evolve’

Not too long ago we learned that Turtle Rock and 2K were bringing to life Evolve, a next gen/pc 4v1 multiplayer FPS that was NOT Left 4 Dead 3, but something about a motley crew of hunters waging war against a monster that just gets bigger and harder to kill every time you encounter it.

Well, they released the trailer today (which notes that it does not depict actual gameplay):

Looks kinda familiar for some reason, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. At any rate, there’s the trailer. Are you excited for Evolve?

[Ken Doll]

Gamers, donate that sweet tax refund money to the ‘Outerlands’ Kickstarter

Some of you may remember the huge debate American culture was having in the way back of 2013 about whether or not video games could or should be considered art. No matter which side of the argument you find yourself, video games have undeniably altered American culture (mostly for the better I’d like to think, but I’m admittedly biased) over the past 40+ years. Because of this, the culture of gaming, its people, and its history is worth a docu-series.

Gaming documentarians Area 5 (I Am Streetfighter, Grounded: The Making of the Last of Us) are taking on an ambitious new project titled Outerlands, which they hope will present to viewers a comprehensive look into video game culture and the people who love it. High quality video production takes money, however, so they are appealing to fans to help donate to the cause and bring this docu-series to life. And hey, Uncle Sam has probably been pretty good to some of your recently, right?

With an initial goal of $210k (to which they are already more than halfway), the series aims to be seasonal and have 6 one-hour episodes its first season. Perks are plentiful, starting at $10 and including digital downloads of the series, backer’s names in the credits, signed merch, and executive producer cred for the extravagant. Thing is, this campaign only has 4 days to go as of this writing, so if you’re going to donate, do it quick! A sample episode below shows why this series would be valuable to the gaming community as well as those seeking to understand us.

[Ken Doll]

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