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Nirdy Birds - Producers and purveyors of nerd culture. Find us everywhere as Nirdy Birds (Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube) and NirdyBirds Productions on Facebook.

In need of some halp! (Bloggers Wanted)


Nirds, I need your halp! I’ve accepted a new role within my organization, and with it will come new responsibilities, which means less time for blogging. Wah.

I don’t want to shut down the blog, so I’m sending out a plea. Or, think of it more like an internship, where you’ll get to work for no money, but build experience and get exposure. That’s right, I need writers, and probably an admin for my Facebook page! If you’re an aspiring writer/blogger who needs to shore up your chops before you arrive on the scene, then send me a sample of your writing, and you may be chosen to write for NirdyBirds. Besides general nerdery interests, I’m looking for writers interested in reporting on the following fields:

  • Video Gaming
  • General Gaming (tabletop, card games)
  • Online Video
  • Television
  • Movies (domestic & foreign)
  • Books & Writings (fiction, sci-fi, comics)
  • Anime & Manga
  • Cosplay
  • Music
  • Fan Art/Fan Fiction
  • Gadgets & Tech
  • Autos

As you can see, I have quite a bit of room for a few writers, so don’t hesitate to send me your samples. Again, I have to stress that YOU WILL NOT BE PAID ANY MONEY if you write for the blog, but you will gain experience and exposure – your byline is yours, all credit for your writing will be given to you. I maintain editorship, and will still approve all articles before they go live. If writing isn’t your deal, I’ll also be in need of an admin for the Facebook page. Prior experience a plus, but not necessary. Email your interest to me at I look forward to reading you soon!

So I guess I’m the only one who remembers ‘Black Jesus’ was already a thing


Riding high off of the announcement of The Boondocks season 4 premiere date (April 21, 2014, btw), I was over the moon when news broke recently that series creator Aaron McGruder will be bringing a new, half hour live-action series to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim called Black Jesus, starring John Witherspoon, Charlie Murphy, and Corey Holcomb, with Gerald “Slink” Johnson in the titular role.

I. Was. Geeked.

However, none of the articles I read about the show made any mention of it being based off of vignettes that were released a few years ago on the ‘BoondocksBootleg’ website and YouTube channel. To me this was odd, because the vignettes were so effin’ funny. I remember waiting anxiously for the vignettes to come out (along with the Tubesteak vids, pure hilarity, those), but they stopped being produced, so I was forced to move on with my life.

To me, this news was exciting, and I found myself wanting to reacquaint myself with the content. Sadly, I hit a brick wall. The YouTube account ‘BoondocksBootleg’ no longer exists; you can find one, maybe two of the Tubesteak videos under other accounts on the site, but none of the Black Jesus vignettes. The only thing I saw that was associated with Black Jesus was a video of the series’ full-length theme song. And as far as the website goes:



Undeterred, I pressed on. Fortunately, a brief internet search helped me locate a few of the Black Jesus vignettes, and they’re just as funny as I remember. Check out the videos below to see for yourself, and get an idea of what we may expect from the Adult Swim series, which is due to premiere later in 2014.

Black Jesus_ It's Getting Old by 848FILMS
‘Black Jesus: It’s Getting Old’

Black Jesus In the Club by chizkopf
‘Black Jesus: In The Club’

Black Jesus Gluttony (a k a Deadly Sin #6) by chizkopf
‘Black Jesus: Gluttony aka Deadly Sin #6′

If you read our ‘Nirdy After Dark’ Tumblr, you can now watch our ‘Nirdy After Dark’ stories! (Mature content inside)

Sometimes I get the hankerin’ to write short stories. Whenever I get this hankerin, I plop my work over at our Tumblr, Nirdy After Dark. I write sci-fi mostly, but I try to cram in as much sex as possible without it being porn, hence the title of the Tumblr. I didn’t tell you guys about it because I didn’t really care to, but one day I was at my desk and my son was watching creepypasta videos on YouTube. I got the idea that, holy crap, I could do something similar with my short stories. So, here we are.

I will produce a video for each short story that currently exists on the Tumblr. I admit that I haven’t added anything new lately, because I haven’t been particularly inspired, but that may change depending on the response to the video series. The first story up for visualization is Don’t Ask Questions, about a single woman on the dating scene who, after tiring of having casual sex encounters, decides to give the sweet weirdo a try. Turns out, he’s had his eye on her for quite a while. Again, this story is sexy, so if you’re underage, kick rocks. If you’re of age but still a bit squeamish about human beings acting like they’re supposed to, go to our YouTube page for the censored version of this vid.

For everyone else, I present the uncensored version of Nirdy After Dark episode one, Don’t Ask Questions:

Here’s the official trailer for ‘Evolve’

Not too long ago we learned that Turtle Rock and 2K were bringing to life Evolve, a next gen/pc 4v1 multiplayer FPS that was NOT Left 4 Dead 3, but something about a motley crew of hunters waging war against a monster that just gets bigger and harder to kill every time you encounter it.

Well, they released the trailer today (which notes that it does not depict actual gameplay):

Looks kinda familiar for some reason, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. At any rate, there’s the trailer. Are you excited for Evolve?

[Ken Doll]

Gamers, donate that sweet tax refund money to the ‘Outerlands’ Kickstarter

Some of you may remember the huge debate American culture was having in the way back of 2013 about whether or not video games could or should be considered art. No matter which side of the argument you find yourself, video games have undeniably altered American culture (mostly for the better I’d like to think, but I’m admittedly biased) over the past 40+ years. Because of this, the culture of gaming, its people, and its history is worth a docu-series.

Gaming documentarians Area 5 (I Am Streetfighter, Grounded: The Making of the Last of Us) are taking on an ambitious new project titled Outerlands, which they hope will present to viewers a comprehensive look into video game culture and the people who love it. High quality video production takes money, however, so they are appealing to fans to help donate to the cause and bring this docu-series to life. And hey, Uncle Sam has probably been pretty good to some of your recently, right?

With an initial goal of $210k (to which they are already more than halfway), the series aims to be seasonal and have 6 one-hour episodes its first season. Perks are plentiful, starting at $10 and including digital downloads of the series, backer’s names in the credits, signed merch, and executive producer cred for the extravagant. Thing is, this campaign only has 4 days to go as of this writing, so if you’re going to donate, do it quick! A sample episode below shows why this series would be valuable to the gaming community as well as those seeking to understand us.

[Ken Doll]

Help ‘Silent Hill: Requiem’ become a full-length film

Silent Hill fans have been long awaiting a worthy film representation of their beloved game franchise. Hollywood tried to answer the call, giving us two films: one the mediocre Silent Hill and the other, the barely watchable and mildly infuriating Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. While both films featured the characters we’ve grown to love and be creeped out by, neither film captured the essence of the classic survival horror title.

Well, Hollywood, take note: quality game-film adaptations should come from the fans! My proof? The short for Silent Hill: Requiem:

Requiem is Gareth Morgan’s (a self-professed Silent Hill fan) highly-stylized ode to all things Silent Hill, and aims to tell the tainted town’s origin story. The short version of his effort features characters from (arguably) the best entries from the franchise – Silent Hill 2‘s James Sunderland and Silent Hill 3‘s Heather Mason (or Cheryl, or Alessa, if you prefer), and I believe I spied a Nurse there in the subway train. This six minute film encompasses more Silent Hill themes than both Hollywood films put together, in my opinion, so I’m very happy to learn that Mr. Morgan has an indiegogo campaign going to help build Requiem into a full-length indie film:

As he states in his pitch, the full film will feature not only James and Heather, but important supporting players like Maria, Angela Orosco, Henry Townshend, and Cynthia Velasquez. His choices in casting gives me faith that he will in fact stick to the script, so to speak, and treat the Silent Hill lore and mythology with care and respect. And hey, he’s only asking for $3k (USD), and he’s already raised almost half of it. He’s got some pretty neat perks as well, so mosey on over to his project’s indiegogo page and donate what you can, so we can see this thing in its full, personal-hellish glory.

[Ken Doll]

This ‘Freedom 2 Twerk’ MLK party flyer is the reason they still call us the n-word.

Or at least part of the reason.

What in the simple-minded hell...

What in the simple-minded hell…

You simple m-fers who put together this now (thankfully) defunct party apparently have forgotten the face of your fathers, so allow me to refresh your memory on the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King in a manner that your simple minds can understand:

Dr. Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist, a freedom fighter, a husband, a father, a concerned community leader who saw injustice levied against the poor, against black people, and sacrificed his very life so that this country would stop looking at poor and black people as subhuman and thus less worthy of basic human and civil rights. He fought against the scourge of racial injustice, racial segregation in the workplace, in schools, and in housing, and fought for workers rights that affected not only black people but other poor workers of any race. Let me repeat that: he SACRIFICED HIS LIFE so that your simple ass could have the education and access to graphic design tools and printing presses to make that flyer that’s so chock full of sincere ignorance:

This is what that sacrifice looked like. Don't look away. LOOK DIRECTLY INTO IT.

This is what that sacrifice looked like. Don’t look away. LOOK DIRECTLY INTO IT.

I couldn’t believe that black people would willingly plan a party like this, a party that’s supposedly in Dr. King’s honor, but, as the title suggests, celebrates a component of our culture that is the very antithesis of what Dr. King stood for. And it’s a party that was aimed at teenagers, no less! Because I couldn’t believe this, I tracked down more info, and came across this Fox 2 News Detroit website article where they showed Dr. Bernice King, Dr. King’s daughter, a copy of the flyer. She was disappointed, to say the least. While I couldn’t determine the race of the party planners from that article (the Facebook page of the party planners has been deleted), the news team spoke with someone supposedly connected to the group, who said that the group only meant to positively celebrate the legacy of Dr. King, that they actively fight against the ills of street life, and that it was a “gospel rap” party.

Scroll up, look at that flyer again, and tell me if it screams “gospel rap” to you? What gospel are they preaching? The gospel of the Church of Latter Day STDs? Young people! If no one in your life is telling you, let me tell you now: Dr. King didn’t fight for your freedom to

Not Dr. King's intention.

Not Dr. King’s intention.

, but for your freedom to
Dr. King's intention, among many

Dr. King’s intention, among many

. If you still think that it was OK to have such a party in his honor, after what I’ve said and shown you, then I only have one last thing to show you:

Because your behavior, your sincere ignorance, and your defense of your sincere ignorance and and awful behavior are the reasons why they still call us the n-word.

[Ken Doll]

Is ‘Get Even’ the first foray into photo-realistic next-gen console gameplay?

I got a link in my inbox today that led to a teaser video for Get Even, a next-gen console/PC game that’s due out sometime in 2015. Why release a teaser so far in advance of the title’s release? Because this game is going to be big. BIG. From the looks of the teaser, it’s the first game using photo-realistic graphics for next-gen consoles that we’ve seen so far:

Get Even‘s devs, Polish outfit The Farm 51, describe the teaser effort as an amalgamation of game graphics and live-action sequences. The site states that this was accomplished by utilizing 3D scans of real locations. Considering the fact that the transitions appear seamless, it’s safe to say that photo-realistic gameplay is here (or will be in about a year) and is amazing.

Get Even‘s fanbase is growing, and you can ‘like’ their FB page here for more game info and some wicked screenshots of the game. In the meantime, let me know in the comments section how you feel about playing photo-realistic games.

[Ken Doll]

‘Truth or Dare’ heads to Hollywood’s Shockfest. Prepare thine vomit bags.

West coast readers, you are in for a treat! Scream Queen Jessica Cameron’s ‘Truth or Dare’ continues to tear up the festival circuit, and will be making a stop in Hollywood on Friday, January 10. Not only will you be able to screen Ms. Cameron’s award-winning directorial debut, but you’ll be able to do it in your jammies! If you’re a horror fan and the preceding facts aren’t enough of a draw for you, then dig this: they will also be giving out puke bags to attendees.


Apparently this movie means business. There’s no reason to miss a screening if you’re able.

Now that you’re properly amped to go, here are the details:

Shockfest Film Festival
Friday, January 10th – 11:55 pm
Raleigh Studios (across from Paramount)
5300 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA 90038

Red carpet starts at 10 pm, and there will be fun, prizes, t-shirts and movie pre-orders, as well as what I’m sure will be rousing rounds of truth or dare headed by Ms. Cameron herself! Remember, this is a pajama party, so if you’re attending, be sure to show up in your footed flannel best, sans any pee stains, please.

Have fun, and send pics if you take any!

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