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Nirdy Birds - Producers and purveyors of nerd culture. Find us everywhere as Nirdy Birds (Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube) and NirdyBirds Productions on Facebook.

NirdyWolf Plays ‘Primal Carnage: Extinction’

Primal Carnage is back with Extinction. Currently on Steam and the Humble Store, it looks better than ever. As a quick refresher, Primal Carnage: Extinction is a class-based online shooter where you can play as either humans or dinosaurs – five classes each (with a total of nine playable dinos!) across two modes: Team Deathmatch and the return of Get to the Chopper. Characters are customizeable, and there are tons of maps on which to play.


Again, it looks great, but you’re wondering how it plays. Our own young NirdyWolf is debuting his ‘let’s play’ series with the game.

Let us know if you’ll be playing Primal Carnage: Extinction. Check out the cinematic trailer below.

Episode 3 of ‘Council of Drunken Fools’ is live

A little late, but Episode 3 of Council of Drunken Fools, is now live on SoundCloud. We are blessed to feature Rhythm Bastard’s Tower Siege as our intro/outro music. Hear more from him on Soundcloud, and/or give him his due praise on Twitter.

This week we covered:

  • GTA V PC pre-order bonuses
  • The ‘Vajankle’, which is exactly what it sounds like
  • Florida boy who pretended to be a Dr. for a month
  • Bob’s Burgers Live Show
  • A Song of Ice and Fire theories
  • And much, much more. Give it a listen, and share with your friends!

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    I was hyped to learn about the #SusannahsLesson fan film. Then I saw the trailer.

    Yes, I am about to make this about race.

    I’m making this about race because as a nerd who is a woman and who is also Black, finding someone who looks like you represented in the media you enjoy, particularly if that media is enjoyed by what is considered the mainstream, is like finding an oasis in the desert; this is doubly true if it’s a good character, fleshed out, complex, well-written. Like an oasis, at first you may question if what you’re seeing is real, then when you find that it is, you greedily gobble up as much of it as you can, letting it cleanse you and nourish you and get you through the next stretch of arid land.

    When my sister turned me on to the Dark Tower series, I couldn’t get enough. While I feel I took emotional ownership of the entire ka-tet (even Oy) Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker/Susannah Odetta Holmes Dean resonated with me in a way that a fictional character never has. I appreciated Sai Stephen’s handling of her, showing her as a human being, warts and all. He wasn’t afraid to show her flaws, which in this day and age of uber political correctness and avoiding saying anything wrong about a Black person because it may be interpreted as racist, was entirely refreshing. That he chose to portray her flaws as some of her greatest strengths as well, well, I just felt like, ‘Wow, she is who I’ve been looking for all my life’. I’m not certain we’ve seen such unabashedly flawed, marvelously complex Black fictional female characters until just recently, with Shonda Rimes’ Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating, which, considering how long ago the Dark Tower series was written, makes me really hope that you, Gentle Reader, fully appreciate the oasis analogy.

    If any of Stephen King’s works deserve to be depicted on screen, the Dark Tower series certainly ranks at the top of the list. We all know that a Hollywood representation is in development hell due to the scope of the project, and the cost would be astronomical. Chances are slim that we’ll see it in our lifetimes, if at all. That doesn’t make any of us who walk the path of the beam any less rabid for a theatrical iteration of this story, so when I saw a post on our Tumblr feed this morning regarding a fan-made short film, I got excited. Turns out, an indie filmmaker by the name of Shahab Zargari successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to bring to life his vision of Roland training Susannah in the way of the gun.


    While the project was successfully funded in summer 2014, the Tumblr post I saw advises fans to track the short’s ongoing progress by the #SusannahsLesson hashtag, which I did immediately. Down the rabbit hole I went, until I landed at their Kickstarter page. The main page was sparse on details, so I clicked the ‘Update’ tab, which is when I saw this:


    A non-Black woman, in blackface, portraying a Black character? Really? O Discordia!

    Full disclosure, this is upsetting to me. I don’t care that it’s an indie effort. I don’t care that perhaps it won’t be seen by a large audience because of that fact. I don’t care if the filmmakers are not aiming to be racist. Certainly since I just learned of this project today, I don’t know Mr. Zargari. Perhaps he’s the nicest, kindest man you could ever meet, and he donates to civil rights causes as much as possible. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I won’t give a history lesson here on why using blackface in film is hurtful and harmful, particularly when others have done it far better than I could ever try. I will say, though, that in 2015, it’s an irresponsible casting decision, even with the best of intentions. I don’t know where the filmmakers live, but I find it hard to believe that there were no capable Black actresses available. Perhaps Mr. Zargari would have had to increase his Kickstarter goal to be able to afford adding a Black actress to his cast, but considering that it finished overfunded tells me that he could’ve swung it. I’m just at a loss for any reason that justifies using a non-Black actress in blackface to portray Susannah Dean.

    Some people who may view this post may accuse me of overreacting. It’s just an independent short film, right? Yes, it is. Even so, I ask you to try to put yourself in the shoes of a young Black girl nerd, for whom there is a dearth of mainstream fictional characters who are fierce, complex, flawed, amazing, and who look like her. I mean, a woman cannot live on Michonne alone. We take serious our heroes, and ask that you treat them AND us with respect, reverence, and care, or don’t treat us at all.

    Episode 2 of ‘Council of Drunken Fools’ is live

    Episode 2 of our news recap podcast, Council of Drunken Fools, is now live on SoundCloud. This week we covered:

  • Crayola Facebook page pr0n hack
  • Microsoft is allowing you to monetize your gameplay videos, with several catches
  • Pikachu butt plug tails exist
  • Ohio substitute teacher shows kids The ABCs of Death, goes immediately to jail
  • There’s an app that allows you to give Frozen’s Anna a c-section
  • And much, much more. Give it a listen, and share with your friends!

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    My stupid sister is making me post the ‘Mortal Kombat X’ trailer

    I’ve addressed here many times the fact that I’m a grown-up with a real job with real responsibilities that make it hard for me to post to this blog with any regularity anymore. Did that stop my dumb sister who doesn’t even really play video games from making me post the Mortal Kombat X trailer here? NOOOOOOO. She wanted to watch it here because, “I wanna give my web traffic to Nirdy Birds”, like it matters, ’cause I’m likely just writing to myself anyway. This is a readerless blog, one of many.

    Anway, sister, here’s your dumb Mortal Kombat X trailer:

    h/t Geekologie

    -Ed. Note: It should go without saying that I’m just jokin’ with the harsh tone of this post. I love my sister with all my heart, and I appreciate her every day.

    Episode 1 of ‘Council of Drunken Fools’ is finally live!

    A while ago I told you guys we were gonna be doing a podcast called Council of Drunken Fools, to talk about what’s going on in nerd news…then I dropped the ball on it. What can I say, I had quite a few life changes and couldn’t figure out how to fit the new project into my life.

    I made a personal goal to start at the beginning of the new year, and daggum if I didn’t do it. Without further ado, I present to you the first episode of Council of Drunken Fools:

    We covered lots of ground this episode, from GRRM coming to our NFL rescue, to the tragic passing of comedic every man Taylor Negron. Don’t see the point in spoiling it all, though, so you’ll just have to give it a listen. Hope you enjoy, be sure to submit your suggestions or content for future episodes to, and come back and see us next week!

    ‘It’s Not Custard’, it’s a dark comedy short you should help fund

    Girl or guy, if you’re a reader of this blog, chances are high that you can relate to It’s Not Custard‘s protagonist, Louise. She’s bullied by family, friend, and foe alike, while having to also deal with a serious case of zits. It’s almost autobiographical for many of us, is it not?

    Where things take a turn for Louise is when she wishes to be left alone; she then finds her acne disappeared and revenge against her tormentors on the horizon.

    It’s Not Custard, written and directed by Kate McCoid and produced by Alison Wroblewski, will be a dark comedy short that may be appealing to bullying victims and pimple popping fetishes alike. The film has some great talent on board, not least of which is Waldo Mason and his incredible prosthetic work (I’m not kidding, you guys have to check out his website).

    McCoid & Co. have taken their pitch to indiegogo and are asking for our help. They’ve set a goal of £10,000 ($15,900 USD), and they’re a third of the way there with 23 days to go as of this writing. There’s a special bonus on offer: a FREE SFX acne tutorial on their website. Tangible perks range from a copy of the script to the giant zit seen in the concept art, and the popper in me is trying to figure out how much blood I have to donate to be able to afford that perk.

    Or, you could beat me to it and donate.

    Feeling one way or the other about Arianne Martell? We want YOU to be on our ‘Council of Drunken Fools’

    We’re starting a new show, inspired by this post found on the Ultrafacts tumblr

    + this article from HuffPo:


    You see, we like to drink, so being on a council of drunkards is quite appealing to us. We’re not really partiers, though it could be argued that being drunk is all the party one would need. The only remaining issue would be, “what to ‘council’ over?”

    Nerd shit. We gon’ council over nerd shit.

    Take for instance D&D deciding to leave out Arianne-fucking-Martell (as far as we currently know) out of season 5 of Game of Thrones.

    Arianne-fucking-Martell, seen here with Ser Arys Oakheart

    Arianne-fucking-Martell, seen here with Ser Arys Oakheart

    So we’re gonna get drunk, whip out the old Nikon, and discuss the pros and cons of this decision.

    And this is where YOU come in.

    We want to know what your opinions are, for this subject and those in the future. While we will be scanning the webs on our own for people’s opinions, you can be proactive and respond to this post, or let us know by responding to our related topic posts on our Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts. Particularly poignant viewpoints will be read during the video, the first of which should post this Sunday (August 3rd) on our YouTube channel.

    Added bonus: each milestone follower/friend/subscriber on any of said social channels will be recognized in video. Because you guys are just that special to us.

    So let’s get to it, shall we? Are you ok with Arianne being (probably) cut from HBO’s Game of Thrones, or are you just frothing mad?

    Trailer for Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ makes me want to puke, and that’s a good thing

    I’ve been bummed lately over the quality of horror movies I’ve seen recently. Aside from the last Paranormal Activity’s decent jump scares, I haven’t been all that frightened. It just seems like directors are employing overused trope after overused trope, and I can typically see them coming a mile away. I haven’t seen a horror movie that threw me for a loop in a long time.

    Which is why I’m so excited at how sick the trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk makes me feel. I’ll admit that when I first heard Mr. Smith was making a movie about a guy obsessed with walruses, I thought to myself, “oh great, that’s gonna be weird.” And truth be told, it is pretty weird, but in a wonderfully frightening way. In the space of 2 1/2 minutes I asked myself “man, what if?” like 167 times, throwing up in my mouth a little each time. What’s nuts about that is that it’s all psychological, because you don’t really even see anything:

    It’s because of that fact that I’m confident this movie will be a great horror entry – with the gory scenes either implied or hinted at, there’s no “they showed all the good parts in the trailer” trap. I truly enjoyed Red State, so I’m confident that Tusk won’t be a disappointment such as what I’m used to experiencing lately. Tusk stars Justin Long, Michael Parks, Genesis Rodriguez, and Haley Joel Osment, and releases September 19 of this year.


    I’m tired of waiting for ‘Fallout 4′, so I’m building Vault 313

    I don’t know how Bethesda live with themselves depriving us of Fallout 4 development news that has even a shred of veracity, I truly don’t. Whatever ways they find to live with themselves is beyond me, but I know I’m not gonna take it lying down. I figured I could be part of the problem, or part of the solution. I’m choosing to be part of the solution.

    I’m making a Fallout: New Vegas nerd cave in my basement.


    The idea came to me a few months ago, when I decided that I wasn’t going to paint my basement floor not one more time. Also, it smells pretty dank down here due to plumbing issues. If you pay any attention to national news, then you know that Detroit is two tics north of third world ruin. While my lot is whole and intact, there are a couple of empty lots behind my backyard, complete with unchecked tree and shrubbery growth. Those roots grow into my main drainage pipe, and every 6-10 months or so, the basement floods, ruining my paint job. I have a pretty awesome basement that’s being underutilized because of this issue, so I had to think of how to make it presentable to guests in a way that works these problems into the design scheme. Being a Fallout addict, the answer was all but clear.

    What solidified the plan for me was when I saw my sister’s ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ souvenir sign on a bench in her room, now broken thanks to her devil spawn 5-year-old daughter. Much like that old Kohler commercial where a wealthy couple barges into an architect’s office and tells him to design their house around a faucet they picked out (don’t act like you don’t remember it), I decided to design my nerd cave around this sign.

    Although I plan to include a ton of New Vegas-inspired features (mid-century style furniture, a bar with Nuka Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla fridges, a pool table, and other game-inspired decor), I didn’t think I could get far without the New Vegas sign. This is especially true when considering that I’ll be filming the various stages of this reno, and I’d need the redecorated Vegas sign for the opening sequence.

    And the opening sequence is kick-ass, if I do say so myself:

    Look forward to new videos for Vault 313 as projects are completed, though I will say that they won’t be showing up regularly, and the project won’t be completed for months, ostensibly. This is fine, since I’m confident that no matter how long I take, I’ll still be done before Bethesda announce the next installment in the Fallout franchise.


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