13 ‘L4D2’ Maps played solo on ‘Expert Realism’ mode, no bots

For Left 4 Dead 2 PC gaming, there exists a modified difficulty setting called ‘Expert Realism’, which takes the developer-sanctioned ‘Expert’ mode and kicks it up several notches. How so? According to The Escapist, in ‘Expert Realism’ mode:

…only headshots will kill zombies, the Witch will instantly kill anyone who she hits, and the glowing outlines around weapons and special infected are removed. Expert difficulty basically buffs all of the regular and special infected, while making medkits and other items spawn at a much rarer rate.

For a differently-abled gamer such as myself (very little hand/eye coordination and diminished depth perception), I can barely hit a boomer in the belly with a sniper scope from 100 yards away on NORMAL difficulty. What the awesomely monikered gamer Titsonabull (or Titsonabullsteam on YouTube) has done is nothing short of amazing: he played through all 13 L4D2 maps (including Cold Stream and the heart-wrenching The Sacrifice) on ‘Expert Realism’, BY HIMSELF, and made it.

No friends, no bots.

You can go to his YouTube page to see full videos, but below you’ll find a sort of ‘sizzle reel’ of this outrageous feat:

Personally, I would have been a goner in each and every frame of this video. Hats off to you, Titsonabull. Great job.

via TheEscapist.com