A low-budget, live-action “Hellsing” movie is on the horizon. Meet your new Alucard.

Hellsing is about to get the live-action treatment. Normally I would be upset about this (I complained about Cowboy Bebop for two years AFTER it became clear it wasn’t gonna be made, almost had a stroke over Bleach), but for some reason I want to see this one. I think it’s because I look at Bleach and CB as mine, but want to share Hellsing with the world. At any rate, filmmaker David S.Goyer (Blade) has tried his hand at both big-budget and low-rent films, both with great success. So, I’m not gonna worry.


Meet your new Alucard:

I totally buy it.
I totally buy it.

It’s Asim Ahmad, apparently a largely uncredited stunt actor. He’s also writing the script, if that does anything for you.

via MovieHole.net


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