Action-packed trailer for upcoming ‘Atlantic Rim’. Don’t rub your eyes, I typed ‘Atlantic’.

I couldn’t believe my eyes either, but then I saw that Atlantic Rim was developed by The Asylum, and then I was like ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh’:

Holy crap, it ain’t half bad! If you know anything about The Asylum, then you know they’re like the store brand version of the hot item everyone is clamoring to get. You walk into the club with your red bottoms on, and your friends are all like, “Girrrrrrrrrl, you got you some Louboutins?” and then you’re all like, “naw, these are Nouboutins. They’re the store brand. They look almost the same, but they’re a lot cheaper” as you scuff red latex paint all on the dance floor. That’s The Asylum. But all things considered, they did a pretty good job with their Pacific Rim knockoff, gotta give it to them.