Activision and Bungie aim high with ambitious new project, the “living” FPS “Destiny”

An otherworldly threat has all but destroyed Earth and all her inhabitants. A lone hero comes along to save what’s left of humanity and facilitates the creation of the planet’s last known “safe” city. As its denizens begin to explore outside of the city, the threat of malicious mutants intent on breaching the city becomes evident. Wonder where I’ve heard of this before?

Destiny is Activision’s and Bungie’s latest, an open-world sci-fi FPS that honestly looks beautiful. By the devs’ own admission, this title seeks to be bigger than their Halo franchise. While there’s little given by way of details, images, and video, we do know that it will be, as I stated earlier, an open-world game with social elements to further immerse your friends and yourself into the game play, and be a literally “living” game – the game plays on and constantly changes regardless of player interaction. While we’ll probably have to wait for more updates (which we’re encouraged to “Like” the game’s Facebook page to receive; also there’s this Twitter page) we have been graced with a ViDoc that gives us a glimpse into the world of Destiny, as well as what to expect for story and game play:

I also just read a rumor that it’ll probably be a next-gen console release, but I’m trying my hardest to ignore next-gen console rumors, so take it with a grain of salt. But, it’s plausible.