All the feels: Wil Wheaton explains to possible future nerd why being a nerd is awesome

Admitted “professional nerd” and all-around good guy Wil Wheaton fulfilled a request by a fan at the Calgary Comic Expo when she asked him to explain to her now newborn daughter why it’s awesome to be a nerd. His resultant response made me a huge, blubbering mass of appreciation:

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m having all the feels because of this. See, I came of nerd age in the early 80s, when it a) wasn’t cool to be a nerd b) wasn’t cool to be a girl nerd c) wasn’t cool to be a BLACK girl nerd and d) wasn’t cool to be a Black girl nerd from the east side of Detroit. Nerd culture is pretty secksi right now, so you younger nerds may not have experienced the levels of ostracization that folks like Wil and I have, circa the 1980s. To get a sense of what it was like, I encourage you to please see Nerds, Revenge of the. I mean, seriously, the differences between nerd acceptance then and now are like night and day. With any luck, should this newborn baby girl’s passion be something in the nerd realm, she’ll be celebrated and not ridiculed.