‘Bleach’ manga coming to an end with its last arc?

UPDATE: Crunchyroll has confirmed. Sadness all around.

When I strolled over to Mangastream to get my weekly fill of Bleach, I was greeted with a note that says that after this week’s issue, Bleach will be going on hiatus for Shonen Jump issues 35-40 while the manga prepares to enter its final arc, which will be published in issue 41 on September 9. The blurb points to two sources, written in kanji, that supposedly support this, and offers the apparent translation below, presumably from Tite Kubo himself:

After this weeks issue, Bleach will be on hiatus from Jump 35-40. Starting from jump 41 (09/09), the last arc “1000 years Blood Ward Arc – The Separation Story” will start.

Before the last battle, i will be going on a long hiatus so that I can approach the final battle fully charged and give it my absolute all. When the manga resumes, please prepare yourselves for the “1000 years Blood Ward Arc – The Separation Story”.

Not sure if this is the truth, so if anyone out there can confirm, I’d appreciate it. Bleach has been a favorite of mine for a long time; if you keep up with our Instagram, then you’ll have seen our own Tensa Zangetsu a few times, and even our Benihime once or twice. It’s a ride I’m not ready to end. Either way, I bet this last arc will be incredible.

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