‘Boardwalk Empire’/Nirdy Fal’s Birthday Countdown Clock

I know I don’t nird out for Boardwalk Empire here on the blog, and that’s a shame, because I LOVE THIS SHOW. Also, I love scotch whiskey, so it should be a given. Even when I was knee-deep in season three of Game of Thrones, always in the back of my mind was, “when is Boardwalk Empire coming back?”

Soon, children, soon. And just like Game of Thrones premiered on my birthday this year, Boardwalk Empire premieres on our beloved Nirdy Fal’s birthday. So does that mean we’re going to get good and tight on September 8? Well, that’s ALSO the Detroit Lion’s season opener, of which we will be in attendance, so the answer is 12 sheets. We’ll be 12 sheets to the wind.

Be sure to swing by and wish Nirdy Fal a happy birthday next Sunday!