Bro movie alert: Red band trailer for ‘Frankenstein’s Army’

Fresh off of it’s Tribeca premiere, the Richard Raaphorst helmed Frankenstein’s Army has a red band trailer. What’s it about? According to its IMDB page, as WWII nears its end, a group of Russian soldiers happen upon a Nazi lab of horrors where scientists, guided by Doctor Frankenstein’s journal, attempt to cobble together “super soldiers” using the body parts of deceased soldiers and metal machinery.

Having viewed the trailer, I won’t say that it screams Oscar, but for the amount of general horror, blood splatter, exposed brains, and knife hands, it’s a solid what I’ll call “bro” movie – what it may lack in artistic value, it makes up in “bro, did you just fucking see that?” (I”m sure tons of internet memes will be born of this flick):

Thanks to the MPI Media Group, this film will have a limited theatrical release beginning July 26. Not sure exactly which markets, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated once the news becomes available.