Crowdfund campaign you should honor: Jessica Cameron’s horror flick “Truth or Dare”

Update 4/23/13:

The Truth or Dare Indiegogo page has just released a frightening new teaser:

The campaign only has 9 days left (as of this posting), so please hustle over and donate today!

Today was a light news day for me, so I decided to spend the day checking on all of our digital connections. Perusing the Twitter, I saw a series of links imploring the reader to support Jessica Cameron, as we need more chicks in horror.

Since I agree that we do in fact need more chicks in horror (as directors as well as scream queens), I followed a link, and came upon this wonder:

The premise of this film, from the Indiegogo page, is thus:

Six college kids find internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with a violent twist. It’s all fun and games until their #1 fan decides to play…

I’m gonna assume that that’s how Ms. Cameron (as actress) came to be in the situation in which she found herself. What I know for certain, however, is that for 55 seconds, the tension I began to feel quickly morphed into terror, as if it were I in the chair, gagged and bloody. If this short clip can create such a response in me (remember, I’m a jaded horror fan), then I can only imagine what the rest of the film will do.

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend contributing to this Indiegogo campaign. As Director/Actress/Producer/Co-writer, Ms. Cameron is presenting herself as a horror film powerhouse, and proving that chicks can adeptly handle the horror genre in whatever role they choose to play. Also, there are some neat perks on offer, even at the $5 mark, so you truly have no reason to help out Ms. Cameron and her dedicated crew.