‘Curse of Chucky’ trailer finally out!

Not sure how many of you have been keeping up on news of the sixth installment of the Child’s Play series Curse of Chucky (releasing on October 8), but for those of you like me who have been anxiously awaiting its first trailer, here it is:

Ok, it looks…like a movie. But hey, nobody ever picked up a Child’s Play tape (or DVD for my under 16 crowd, or download if you’re 8 and under…also, why are you reading this blog/watching Chucky movies???) thinking it was an Oscar contender. Word on the street is that this film is more reboot than true sequel and hopes to reclaim its original horror glory by depending less on the snark found in later series entries.

We’ll all know on October 8, won’t we? Let’s all meet back here to discuss it then.

via BloodyDisgusting.com