Dead Rising 3 gives us 6 minutes of inventive ways to kill zombies. Yes.

Life has been coming at me pretty hard and fast the past few weeks, so, as you may have noticed, my blog posts have been waning. This sucks because this is MY TIME OF YEAR. E3 is a nerd blogger’s treasure trove, and so far I’ve only seen Sony’s PlayStation event (nice way to pwn Microsoft, btw).

Apparently in my neglect of coverage, Dead Rising 3 was announced. I enjoy the franchise, though I admittedly didn’t get to finish 2 (or even start it, now that I think about it…though I did play through Case Zero). If anything will get me motivated to fight both zombies and psychos again, it’s this six minute gameplay video with which Capcom has decided to bless us:

I won’t lie: because I have so much to catch up on, I have like 64 browser tabs open, so I wasn’t planning on watching the entire video all the way through. Then I saw the new protagonist Nick Ramos take out three zombies with one swing of a pipe wrench, and I couldn’t look away. The weapon’s HUD looks like it makes it much easier to grab the best tool for the job, and the myriad of ways Senor Ramos dispatches the horde of undead is far beyond satisfying. I mean, he barges through wood fences and walls of zombies. Come on, who does that?

I cannot wait for this title, which is set to release this November.