DETROIT: Our RoboCop statue is almost done! Our suffocating worries will soon be over!

Sure, we’re under the auspices of an emergency manager, who has discovered that we’re creeping up on being half a billion bucks in debt. Crime is out of control and of a particularly violent nature. You can barely find a job anywhere, and if you do, don’t think that it’s going to pay a living wage to help you pay your rent/mortgage, gas money (or bus fare for an ailing transit system), and all resultant insurance rates that are sky high because you live in a broke city where crime is high and available jobs are low, but none of that matters, because, by gum, our RoboCop statue is almost complete!

Remember when Frank Barton had that Kickstarter campaign for $50k to build us a RoboCop statue? Well then of course you know it was fully funded, and now, a mere 2 years later, it’s ready to be bronzed:


No word on where it’ll be situated once it’s done, but my guess is it won’t matter because it’ll be tagged with so much graffiti and have so much litter around it, it’ll be unrecognizable in no time.

Detroit life is hard.


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