Did you catch it? GRRM throws us a bone on ‘Gay of Thrones’ finale recap

I don’t have the time to superfan GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, at least not the way that I’d like. So whenever I’d see Funny or Die’s Game of Thrones recap series Gay of Thrones pushed through to my tumblr feed, I’d just ignore it.

It was my sister who made me sit down and start watching it. I began with the recap of S4 E8, and haven’t looked back. Very funny stuff, and Jonathan Van Ness’ nicknames for hard-to-remember characters give me life (Wildling Smash Angelica Houston? Busted Jason Statham? Sir Carlisle? I die every time). Needless to say, the finale recap was EVERYTHING. Don’t take my word for it, though, watch for yourself:

Nice little surprise cameo there, right? (Also, why’d it take me so long to realize the guy who runs the desk is Jeffery Self? There was a time in my life when I couldn’t live without Jeffery & Cole’s Casserole.) But while it’s cool that they got GRRM to do a scene, what’s REALLY cool is a highly probable hint to the fate of a beloved character that’s a cliffhanger in A Dance With Dragons. Didn’t catch it? Luckily for you, I got screengrabs. I totally think he threw us a bone here, guys:

And then he let us know how he felt about us needy, whiny book readers clamoring for the next installment:

Kinda hittin’ below the belt there, George.

But whoa that hint. Let’s discuss!!!!