Finally, some new Westerosi literature! Read an excerpt from ‘The Princess and the Queen’ now!

Us A Song of Ice and Fire addicts have been going through some major withdrawals, due to a lack of any new Westerosi literature from our dealer, George R. R. Martin. We sit and wait…and wait…and wait..while he takes his sweet li’l old time delivering the 6th installment of this ASOIAF series, Winds of Winter. Presumably part of the delay in getting this book into our dragon-hot little hands is that he has been working on anthology with co-author Gardner Dozois titled Dangerous Women, which features stories on – you got it – dangerous women. Included in this anthology is GRRM’s The Princess and the Queen, which aims at informing the reader of the gruesome details of ‘The Dance of Dragons’, an epic battle that occurred hundreds of years prior to the events of A Game of Thrones.

Tor, publisher of Dangerous Women, has been releasing excerpts from the book daily, with a deadline of today, July 30. How’d they decide to cap off their daily teasers? With an excerpt from The Princess and the Queen, of course! I highly encourage you to head on over to the Tor website for your full dose of this new Westerosi tale, then head back here to discuss!

Enjoy, and remember Dangerous Women will be in stores December 3, 2013.

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