Gamers, donate that sweet tax refund money to the ‘Outerlands’ Kickstarter

Some of you may remember the huge debate American culture was having in the way back of 2013 about whether or not video games could or should be considered art. No matter which side of the argument you find yourself, video games have undeniably altered American culture (mostly for the better I’d like to think, but I’m admittedly biased) over the past 40+ years. Because of this, the culture of gaming, its people, and its history is worth a docu-series.

Gaming documentarians Area 5 (I Am Streetfighter, Grounded: The Making of the Last of Us) are taking on an ambitious new project titled Outerlands, which they hope will present to viewers a comprehensive look into video game culture and the people who love it. High quality video production takes money, however, so they are appealing to fans to help donate to the cause and bring this docu-series to life. And hey, Uncle Sam has probably been pretty good to some of your recently, right?

With an initial goal of $210k (to which they are already more than halfway), the series aims to be seasonal and have 6 one-hour episodes its first season. Perks are plentiful, starting at $10 and including digital downloads of the series, backer’s names in the credits, signed merch, and executive producer cred for the extravagant. Thing is, this campaign only has 4 days to go as of this writing, so if you’re going to donate, do it quick! A sample episode below shows why this series would be valuable to the gaming community as well as those seeking to understand us.

[Ken Doll]