God answers prayers: There is now a music video for ‘Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition’

Gentle Readers,

You may remember a few months back I dropped a load of awesomeness upon you in the form of the rap song titled Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition. After my post, I sent out this message to its creator, Rhythm Bastard, on the Twitters:


Just a few seconds ago, my phone notified me to a Twitter interaction. I logged on to find this:


Quivering in anticipation, I clicked through the link, and was blessed with this:

It’s everything I thought it’d be and more. Almost made me want to fire up the old PS2 and finally play through the game…until I remembered that the volume between gameplay and cut scenes were incredibly uneven and irritated the hell out of me. This doesn’t detract from Rhythm Bastard’s awesomeness, or this song’s awesomeness, so please allow me to offer my gratitude: