GTA V Official Gameplay Trailer

Rockstar Games has just released the official gameplay trailer for their highly-anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto V, due out September 17. Clocking in at nearly 5 minutes, we now have a glimpse into not just the characters (with whom we familiarized ourselves with the Michael. Franklin. Trevor. trailer), but also how they will work, what will they drive, recreations that will be available to them, clothing, and missions, the executions of which we as players will be able to plan. Of particular interest is how we will shift between the three protagonists, both when they’re rolling solo and when they’re working jobs together. Note how you will be able to shift your perspectives in this regard. This new function also seems to offer a dynamic map to view when shifting from locale to locale, as well.

Also, Grand Theft Auto Online??!!!?? I. Can’t. Wait.

Without further ado, here’s the official GTA V gameplay trailer:

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  1. Garry August 4, 2013