‘Half Life 2: Silent Hill’ demo exists, is playable now

Let me begin by saying I’ve never played any Half Life games; I opened the Orange Box and went straight to Portal. Such is life. I have, however, played each and every Silent Hill game available in my market (yes, even Origins & Homecoming, don’t judge me). As such, this Half Life 2 mod, titled Alchemilla, is a very exciting find:

Alchemilla Teaser – Mod DB

Developed by White Noise, the team states that they didn’t set out to make a Silent Hill game, but instead capture its atmosphere. I think they’ve succeeded. What about you?

You may download the mod here, and the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer needed to play the mod at Steam, if you don’t already have it. We’ll keep you posted on release dates, when available.

via TheDarkSideofGaming.com