Help ‘Silent Hill: Requiem’ become a full-length film

Silent Hill fans have been long awaiting a worthy film representation of their beloved game franchise. Hollywood tried to answer the call, giving us two films: one the mediocre Silent Hill and the other, the barely watchable and mildly infuriating Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. While both films featured the characters we’ve grown to love and be creeped out by, neither film captured the essence of the classic survival horror title.

Well, Hollywood, take note: quality game-film adaptations should come from the fans! My proof? The short for Silent Hill: Requiem:

Requiem is Gareth Morgan’s (a self-professed Silent Hill fan) highly-stylized ode to all things Silent Hill, and aims to tell the tainted town’s origin story. The short version of his effort features characters from (arguably) the best entries from the franchise – Silent Hill 2‘s James Sunderland and Silent Hill 3‘s Heather Mason (or Cheryl, or Alessa, if you prefer), and I believe I spied a Nurse there in the subway train. This six minute film encompasses more Silent Hill themes than both Hollywood films put together, in my opinion, so I’m very happy to learn that Mr. Morgan has an indiegogo campaign going to help build Requiem into a full-length indie film:

As he states in his pitch, the full film will feature not only James and Heather, but important supporting players like Maria, Angela Orosco, Henry Townshend, and Cynthia Velasquez. His choices in casting gives me faith that he will in fact stick to the script, so to speak, and treat the Silent Hill lore and mythology with care and respect. And hey, he’s only asking for $3k (USD), and he’s already raised almost half of it. He’s got some pretty neat perks as well, so mosey on over to his project’s indiegogo page and donate what you can, so we can see this thing in its full, personal-hellish glory.

[Ken Doll]