Here are the trailers and deets for ‘Clash in the Clouds’, ‘Buried at Sea’ ‘Bioshock Infinite’ DLC that somehow snuck by me

Remember how Irrational Games released a “DLC” for Bioshock: Infinite a couple-few weeks ago, but to us it was NBD because it was really just a weapons pack? Then they were all like, “ok, hang on, because a FOR REAL DLC is on its way”? For some reason I thought that THAT DLC would’ve been heavily announced prior to its release, and not, say, day of. Well, here’s Clash in the Clouds, released July 30…and I just got an email about it July 30:

And, to my horror, it’s an arena brawler. Nothing puts fear into the heart of a coordination-challenged gamer more than games that require simultaneous speed and coordination. The upside is that it’s only 5 smackaroos (or your console’s currency equivalent), and it comes with achievements/trophies and bonuses, so chances are good that it’ll be downloaded to our 360 at one point or another, and that I will play it. I just won’t be particularly stoked about it.

The good news is that another DLC – Burial at Sea – is on its way, and it is a more story-based, episodic experience:

Ok, story-based experience may be putting it lightly. This trailer has me beyond stoked for Burial at Sea, which has no release date as far as I can see. According to this trailer, however, you will be able to purchase all 3 DLC (Clash in the Clouds and Burial at Sea episodes 1 & 2) for $20 or your console’s currency equivalent, right now.

While we’re waiting for Burial at Sea, for those of you who are Bioshock fans, how much did you pee your pants over its trailer? Don’t let me be the only one with her hand up.