Heres a trailer for fan-made “Fallout: Lanius” film

Some of us lazier Fallout fans are sitting around, twiddling our thumbs, waiting for Bethesda to grace us with either Fallout 4 or Fallout: New Vegas 2. But one fan decided to take things into his own hands by creating a film about our favorite post-apocalyptic RPG:

A description of Fallout: Lanius, per GameNGuide:

The movie promises to deliver a proper origin story to Fallout: New Vegas’s Legate Lanius, the mountain of a man who commanded the military of Caesar’s Legion, and the game’s de facto boss. The team even managed to get Lanius’s original voice actor, Mitch Lewis, to reprise his role as the fearsome enforcer, adding a nice touch of authenticity that’s sure to please fans.

The film’s director, Wade K. Savage, is set to debut the film at PAX Australia, a film that was made possible by a successful campaign. Follow the film at their Facebook page for more info, including when YOU may be able to view.


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