Here’s your chance to have a weapon of your design end up in a Robert Rodriguez movie

deviantART and BlackBerry have teamed up with grindhouse producer Robert Rodriguez to offer aspiring film hopefuls exposure into the world of film via his new project, “Project Green Screen”, featuring his upcoming film Two Scoops. Currently in “Act II” of the project, Mr. Rodriguez is looking for an insane weapon design for the film’s two heroines. Entering the contest is easy:

And that’s it! Just think of a super weapon, tweet RR the description, and wait to see if your idea is chosen to be built and featured in Two Scoops. Just make sure you include the hashtag #KeepMoving in your tweet.

I’m no weapon expert, but if I were to give this whole thing a shot, mine would be a cannon that shot poison-tipped Pyramid Heads.