I need to dedicate more time to PC gaming: ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ ‘Silent Hill’ mod

Since I started this blog, I’ve been seeing some pretty amazing mods to PC versions of my favorite games (for example, this amazing Iron Man GTA IV mod). But, because PC gaming is inconvenient for me right now (you know, that whole parenthood/work life thing gets in the way), I haven’t been particularly compelled to abandon my consoles and get back to it.

That is, until now.

Someone has made a Silent Hill mod for Fallout: New Vegas. In my quest to finish all of the tens of games I’ve started and not finished since 2004 (don’t laugh), I am currently playing New Vegas on the 360, and am totes addicted. This mod is not helping:

This is just one part of a multi-part series (why yes, I am too lazy to look up the official count). According to the first vid, however, the story is that the great war caused Silent Hill to be “locked away” from the world, until it was discovered by the Enclave, who were ignorant to the lore of Silent Hill and thus suffered the consequences. Playthrough is provided by YouTube user AlChestBreach, whose commentary is hilarious.

So anybody see any other awesome Fallout mods? Are there any that you’d like to play that haven’t been developed yet?