If you need a laugh today, boy have I got one for you: Introducing “The Randalls: An Original Sketch Comedy Series”

You might be thinking, “Hey, ain’t that Ken Doll’s cousin? She would say that, she’s biased.” But look, hear me out first. In this labor of love we call Nirdy Birds, I encounter hundreds of videos every month, weeding through them all to bring you the very best content (and also our new YouTube series 2 Drunk Birds). I think at this point I’m pretty jaded, and not much amuses me anymore, no matter what the source.

So trust me when I tell you, this series is going to make you bust a gut at least once. Check out Van and JC Randall’s first skit, Skinny Ass James, a parody of the buffoonish rapper Trinidad James. If you’re not crying by the end, you’re a sociopath:

Be sure to visit their YouTube channel here, and give them tons of likes…and make sure you subscribe, too!