In need of some halp! (Bloggers Wanted)


Nirds, I need your halp! I’ve accepted a new role within my organization, and with it will come new responsibilities, which means less time for blogging. Wah.

I don’t want to shut down the blog, so I’m sending out a plea. Or, think of it more like an internship, where you’ll get to work for no money, but build experience and get exposure. That’s right, I need writers, and probably an admin for my Facebook page! If you’re an aspiring writer/blogger who needs to shore up your chops before you arrive on the scene, then send me a sample of your writing, and you may be chosen to write for NirdyBirds. Besides general nerdery interests, I’m looking for writers interested in reporting on the following fields:

  • Video Gaming
  • General Gaming (tabletop, card games)
  • Online Video
  • Television
  • Movies (domestic & foreign)
  • Books & Writings (fiction, sci-fi, comics)
  • Anime & Manga
  • Cosplay
  • Music
  • Fan Art/Fan Fiction
  • Gadgets & Tech
  • Autos

As you can see, I have quite a bit of room for a few writers, so don’t hesitate to send me your samples. Again, I have to stress that YOU WILL NOT BE PAID ANY MONEY if you write for the blog, but you will gain experience and exposure – your byline is yours, all credit for your writing will be given to you. I maintain editorship, and will still approve all articles before they go live. If writing isn’t your deal, I’ll also be in need of an admin for the Facebook page. Prior experience a plus, but not necessary. Email your interest to me at I look forward to reading you soon!