Is ‘Get Even’ the first foray into photo-realistic next-gen console gameplay?

I got a link in my inbox today that led to a teaser video for Get Even, a next-gen console/PC game that’s due out sometime in 2015. Why release a teaser so far in advance of the title’s release? Because this game is going to be big. BIG. From the looks of the teaser, it’s the first game using photo-realistic graphics for next-gen consoles that we’ve seen so far:

Get Even‘s devs, Polish outfit The Farm 51, describe the teaser effort as an amalgamation of game graphics and live-action sequences. The site states that this was accomplished by utilizing 3D scans of real locations. Considering the fact that the transitions appear seamless, it’s safe to say that photo-realistic gameplay is here (or will be in about a year) and is amazing.

Get Even‘s fanbase is growing, and you can ‘like’ their FB page here for more game info and some wicked screenshots of the game. In the meantime, let me know in the comments section how you feel about playing photo-realistic games.

[Ken Doll]