Kickstarter campaign aims to make an already superior and rich Jon LaJoie even richer and more superior

Jon LaJoie’s Kickstarter campaign is straightforward and to the point: he’s rich, but he wants to be super rich…without having to do any of the work involved. That’s where we “gross” poor people come in: If we give to the campaign, he can just sit back and become Jay-Z rich (read: $500 million) while still frowning upon the rest of us proles. And why not? This is the man who gave us:

  • Rapist Glasses
  • The Chatroulette Song
  • and, my personal fave

  • Show Me Your Genitals
  • How could we not want to contribute to this campaign? As with every Kickstarter campaign, contributors get perks. If you donate $20…he doesn’t wanna hear from you. If you donate $50, he’ll send you a picture of himself on a jet ski, burning a $50 bill. For $500, he’ll plug your business in a video. And for a whopping $10k, he’ll let you tell people you’ve met him. You won’t really meet him, but you can lie about it. Hear Sir LaJoie’s pitch in his own words, then head over to his campaign page to assist: