Kickstarter campaign wants to put the power of 3D printing in the palm of your hand, literally

There is a Kickstarter campaign running now that will blow you away. WobbleWorks has created the 3D Doodler, a 3D printing pen that allows you to create any object you can think of in 3D, just by drawing it. You can even draw in midair, you’re not relegated to a solid surface like a piece of paper or a table top:

How is that thing not cool? I mean, how many 3D printed penes could you draw on your drunk friends after they pass out? The answer is all of them.

WobbleWorks has already wayyyyyyy surpassed their goal of $30k; they’re slightly under $785K at the time of this posting. So, they obviously don’t need any more of your monies, but if you wanna check out more project details, head over this way to their Kickstarter page.

Also, let us know in the comments section what you’d 3D print if you had one of these bad boys.