Kickstarter you should honor: ‘Silent Hill’-inspired ‘Middle of Nowhere’

Sound designer Aaron Wilde is working on a new, original first-person survival horror titled Middle of Nowhere, and he needs your help. Middle of Nowhere finds the player suffering amnesia after being involved in a car crash, waking up in an open-world environment of cave systems, shacks and the like, picking up pieces of his or her past in the process. Wilde notes that his favorite game of the genre is Silent Hill (as is ours), and as such Middle of Nowhere has many similar ambient features such as fog and mist. Looks like there will be lots of puzzles to solve, as well, which is heavily reminiscent of the Silent Hill brand.

Wilde states that the game’s development is moving along well, but that he needs £3,000 (roughly $4,500 US) to work on improving 3D modeling and other associated game developing fees. I know you Nirds who are also Silent Hill fans are probably already warming up your credit cards (you get neat perks for cheap!), but some of you may need to see some imagery before you hand over your hard-earned pounds. Don’t fret, here’s some game footage with a personal plea from Aaron Wilde himself:

What more convincing do you need? Head on over to the Middle of Nowhere campaign page and donate a li’l somethin’ somethin!