Meet the Omni: The most immersive VR game system yet

The Omni is, judging by this video at least, the definitive immersive gaming experience you’ll ever see. A virtual reality machine that utilizes a grooved disc and special shoes, the Omni allows the player to walk, run, jump, crouch, and strafe just as if he or she were in the game. It also tracks distance traveled and calories burned. Honestly, you’d need hallucinogenic drugs to be any further in play of your favorite games:

Created by virtual reality enthusiasts Virtuix, Omni is currently a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Kickstarter campaign, having exceeded its $150k goal by nearly $600k. I’m not kidding, check for yourself. People really want this thing, man. If all goes according to plan, the Omni should begin manufacturing in December of this year, with shipments beginning in January 2014. If you get one, be sure to send us your vids of you having the time of your life, ’cause we’re too poor for such things. (They’ll retail at about $499-$599, btw)