Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

When I was a kid, my mom used to drive me completely bonkers every birthday by telling me MONTHS in advance that I was going to completely love the gift she bought me. Do you know what type of mental torture that is to a five-year-old? That’s borderline child cruelty.

I may be yards away from five nowadays, but that’s kind of how I feel looking at the awesome series of new trailers for Rockstar’s upcoming GTA V:

I’m so excited about this game, but I feel the need to disclose that my personal acquaintance with the world of Grand Theft Auto didn’t begin until GTA IV. Being a fan of survival horror, GTA didn’t ping my RADAR until the release of GTA III. Since my already avid gamer son was only 8 at that time, I banned it from our PS2. Don’t get me wrong, I admit to being pretty liberal as a young parent, but I just couldn’t get past the whole “screwing a hooker in a van, then beating her up to get your money back” thing. I didn’t allow him to play ANY GTA titles until his 15th birthday, so I missed out on the original San Andreas experience, save for occasional glances when one of my adult cousins played.

I’m hoping to make a smooth transition from Liberty City to San An, but one thing I do know is that, judging by these trailers, the soundtrack is going to meet my entire expectations. Oh, and the storylines and gameplay look intriguing, too.