News from the Nest Daily Wrap-Up: August 28, 2013

  • Nintendo introduces the 2DS, an “entry-level” handheld gaming system priced at $199 – IGN
  • EA clarifies it’s definition of “online”, so y’all can quit trippin’ – EA
  • 2K Games finally got around to that Borderlands 2 GOTY edition – MCV
  • PS4 owners who order digital games via their smartphones will be able to initiate downloads from those very smartphones – MCV
  • Rumor and conjecture: could Man of Steel 2 shoot be headed to Motown? – 411Mania
  • Own an Ouya? You’ll get to play Telltale’s Walking Dead games! – IGN
  • The script for the Arrested Development movie is being written, I guess? – Rolling Stone
  • Scott Cooper has been confirmed as the new director for the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The StandMalay Mail Online
  • Syfy has ordered a small screen adaptation of 12 MonkeysControlled Obsession