News in the Nest Daily Wrap-Up: April 19, 2013

  • Season 8 to be Dexter‘s last – ScienceFiction
  • Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising to be adapted for the small screen – MTV Geek
  • Bethesda teases new project on Vine, everyone assumes it’s Fallout 4Digital Spy
  • To which Bethesda says “Nope” (it’s not Fallout or Skyrim), leaving us to guess it’s Wolfenstein? – SidhTech
  • To which Games Beat says “probably not”, predicts Bethesda will be revealing Shinji Mikami’s new horror title tomorrow – Venture Beat
  • The pilot for Amazon’s exclusive original show Zombieland is streaming now for free (watch it, it has its moments) – ScienceFiction
  • Here’s a look at what you’ll be driving in GTA VGamepur
  • Forget, or rather take with a grain of salt everything you’ve heard about that Army of Darkness sequel (per Bruce Campbell) – ScienceFiction