News in the Nest Daily Wrap-Up: June 18, 2013

Long time, no see, jerks:

  • Aniplex of America holding limited U.S. viewings of Blue Exorcist movie – Capsule Computers
  • The first 6 minutes of Ghost in the Shell Arise: Ghost Pain. Go! – Twitch Film
  • Now that Paramount has the rights, a new Friday the 13th film is in the works – iHorror
  • The next upcoming Game of Thrones brew from Ommegang is ‘Take the Black Stout’ – Zap2It
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For pushed back to August 2014 – Daily Dead
  • State of Decay hits the half-million mark, will have a Steam release, will offer a pure sandbox mode – Undead Labs
  • Goodbye golden arcs: Wendy’s used as a ‘McDowell’s’ in Coming to America slated for demolition – Gothamist
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the Terminator again. Insert AARP jokes here – Topless Robot
  • Straight-to-video Curse of Chucky to be released September 24 – Daily Dead
  • Saints Row: The Third finally getting mod support, as will SR IVCinema Blend