News in the Nest Daily Wrap-Up: June 19, 2013:

  • Sharing copies of digital games on Steam? Maybe! – Kotaku
  • Sony has halted, is looking into firmware 4.45 update that’s bricked some PS3s – MCV
  • Slurpee lovers, here’s a contest where you can win a PS3, a copy of Remember Me, and/or an awesome gaming chair – Capcom Unity
  • New Dungeons and Dragons Steam deal lets you get 4 copies of the title for the price of 3 – Capcom Unity
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts may not appear on the Wii U, sky remains blue – The Inquisitr
  • Valve project list adds fuel to the L4D 3 rumors; Half Life 3 and Source 2 listed as well – IncGamers
  • SimCity update 5.0 released today – Connected Digital World
  • Remember that live-action GTA V commercial I told you about? It was totally the PS4 commercial – We Got This Covered