News in the Nest Daily Wrap-Up: May 29, 2013


  • Remember that World of Ice and Fire companion book that was due out this November? Joke’s on us! It won’t be out until next year – Tor
  • Hideo Kojima keeps trying to get us wet for the MGS V: The Phantom Pain trailer, which I guess will actually air at this year’s E3 – Examiner
  • WWE superstars to make a Flintstones movie. Why is this. – Topless Robot
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 may be in development for the Xbox One. Now you GOTTA buy that privacy-invading, pre-owned crushing so-and-so – MCV
  • Speaking of that privacy-invading, pre-owned crushing so-and-so, it’s also going to be region locked – MCV
  • Speaking again of that…you know what, if this rumor that Fallout 4 will be an Xbox One exclusive proves to be true, well…I can’t say on this blog – Examiner
  • If you were holding your breath for a Super Mario Bros. movie sequel, you can kinda exhale, for a sequel COMIC is on the horizon – Topless Robot
  • Judging by this London Comic Con interview with Shinichiro Watanabe, I think I can confidently assert my belief that Spike Spiegel is, in fact, still alive – Digital Journal