News in the Nest Daily Wrap-Up: September 21, 2013

  • Cosplay as Yuna while playing Lightning ReturnsPolygon
  • The Walking Dead #115 midnight release parties listed here – Daily Dead
  • Teaser for Spike Lee’s Oldboy has been released – Twitch
  • Red band trailer for Machete Kills proves that it is the bro-iest of all bro movies – Twitch
  • Steam is probably coming to your living room next year – Valve
  • Halloween, Halloween 4, and Halloween 5 are coming to select U.S. theaters in October – Daily Dead
  • New version of A Song of Ice and Fire prequel The Hedge Knight will be available in November, already sold out – The Winds of Winter Release
  • Fede Alvarez in talks to direct a live-action Dante’s Inferno film – Polygon
  • This trailer for English-language Korean horror film Under the Knife proves that Korean plastic surgery can get even scarier than permanent smiles – Twitch