NIGHTMARE FUEL: Robert the Doll

I enjoy watching films, documentaries, and TV shows about anything paranormal, but I always take the “evidence” provided with a grain of salt. Most of anyone’s proof of hauntings or possessions can be easily debunked with any effort at critical thought, but it still makes for good entertainment.

When I opened my inbox today, I got a link to the video I’m going to show you in a moment. But first, I need to say that I didn’t want to just present you with a video without doing a little bit of digging first. The subject matter involves an old doll that’s supposedly possessed by an evil spirit. It was first the property of a painter, who was given the doll in his youth by a Bahamian servant versed in voodoo and other dark arts (because what possessed doll DOESN’T have this origin story?), and it exhibited all manner of cliche haunted doll behavior, even – no ESPECIALLY – when ownership changed hands upon the death of the original owner.

This is all info you will read during the video, but I wanted to know more – was there any information outside of this video that could lend veracity to the tale? Well, he has his own website,, which seems to be circa 1996 Geocities and doesn’t give much background information immediately. Mostly anecdotal stuff. Then, there’s its Wikipedia page, which you can immediately tell is exactly where the video creator got his or her information from. Not knocking that, but I soon realized that I was only going to find more of the same information, so I gave up my search.

You see, I only endeavored to research anything because I’ve been trained in the science of psychology (mom’s so proud of what I’m doing with my degrees), and the science demands critical thought and extensive verification of claims before stating them as facts. However, all training aside I instinctively knew to believe all claims made by the video because, holy shit, look at this thing:


There’s no way that thing’s not possesed, and I don’t care if it IS over 100 years old. That thing was possesed the moment it was made.