‘Niko, It’s Your Cousin’ is the song every fan of GTA IV needs to hear

So let’s say that you’re minding your own business, driving toward the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway in a low-rider you just jacked from some schlub when, as you’re turning, you gently tap the back end of an LCPD squad car. You know you didn’t mean to, but do those LCPD motherfuckers care? No. No they don’t. So now you’re in a high-speed chase on the expressway as you try to lose your wanted level. You need all of your energy and concentration to shake these fuckers, so naturally your cousin Roman decides its time to give you a ring on the old celly to do something pointless and arbitrary – go bowling.

This is frustrating to no end, especially if you’re like me and have little to no hand/eye coordination to begin with. You’re barely holding it together, inching slowly out of the blue circle, so you’re tempted to not answer the phone. However, if you’re an A-type like me, you don’t wanna get that suck-ass ‘thumbs down’ icon for ignoring him. So you answer, potentially losing a bit of your edge as you dodge the cops, and risk getting your ass beat if too many squad cars surround you.

When I was sent a link to the video below, it was like a soothing salve on a burning wound – it articulates everything I feel every time I hear, “Cousin! It’s your cousin! Wanna go bowling?!!?”

Thanks to YouTuber miracleofsound for this awesome vid, it was very therapeutic.

Hey, does anyone out there who plays GTA IV wonder, if Roman owns a cab company, why he needs to call you, who owns no official transportation and must rely on stealing cars to get around, to take him place to place?