OMG how is this film even legal? Trailer for Dutch film “Dead Body Welcome”

I couldn’t find Dead Body Welcome (directed by Kees Brienen) on the old trusty IMDB, so I’m wondering if it is. This film is about the director’s trip to India to personally view a rare total eclipse, only to learn that in the meantime his best bro Ritchy died. He then goes on a journey to recover his body. Pretty basic plot, right? So then why do I wonder if this film is legal? I’ll let you take a gander at the trailer, first:

If you think that Ritchy is giving a spot on performance as a dead person, then you should know that that’s because Ritchy is actually dead. He is not acting, there is no longer any life left in his body. Perhaps the rules for non-US films are different from what we deal with here in the States, because I totally thought that using dead bodies in films was illegal…based on absolutely no facts at all.


P.S. All respect to Ritchy, and even to Brennan, as this film is a real life documentation of his journeys and him dealing with the passing of his best friend. This couldn’t have been an easy film to make.