Pastor Jim Colerick “Rappin’ for Jesus”: Serious attempt to reach inner city youth, or parody? You decide.

Yesterday, while perusing the news feed on my personal Facebook page, I saw two of the people I follow (both African Americans, like me) post this video:

I immediately thought this was a joke. The production values are very “Tim & Eric”-ish. But there was no obvious clue that it was, in fact, a joke, so I checked the comments section of the person who posed the YouTube video. No concrete answers there, either.

I did an internet search, and the initial results were disappointing; they were mostly from message boards where others were expressing either their disbelief at the video or their delight. Some, in fact, found it to be hilarious, regardless of their race. It took quite a while looking through the listings before I discovered the name of the elderly rapping duo: Pastor Jim Colerick and his wife, Mary Sue. Doing a search for his name yielded better results, though the truth remains elusive. An article from the UK online publication The Week gives the following details:

The video clip was uploaded by Brian Spinney, who claims he filmed it for Colerick while he was in high school in Iowa. The video looks as if it was made a decade or more ago, but Reddit users and YouTube commenters suspect it might be a recently-made parody.

I’d like to err on the side of parody, because I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to do this on purpose and in all seriousness. It’d be enraging that the good reverend would think that today’s urban youth could be pandered to so, and even more enraging if today’s urban youth could be reached in such a manner.

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