“Primal Carnage” offers two new maps with free “Get to the Chopper” mode

For those of you unfamiliar with indie dev Lukewarm Media’s incredible dinosaur-themed shooter, Primal Carnage finds you as either a (hopefully) heavily armed human or an awesomely powerful dinosaur locked in an epic battle for supremacy and survival. Available on Steam, this multiplayer survival shooter has five classes of humans and now a total of six classes of dino, with the addition of Get to the Chopper‘s Spinosaurus class.

For those of you who are already playing Primal Carnage, look at what Lukewarm has for you – FOR FREE*:

That’s right kids, you now get two objective-based maps in Get to the Chopper mode – The Falls, which has been modified to fit the Get to the Chopper mode, and Ruthless, set in the island’s mountain range. This brings the title’s total playable maps to nine.

Sounds great, right? Wait, it gets even better! Because Get to the Chopper is now officially out of beta mode, you get to download a new battle-scared T-Rex skin, also FREE*!

I truly wish I had more time for vidja games, ’cause I’d be playing the crap out of this right now. I mean, dinosaurs AND flamethrowers, amirite?

*Don’t be stupid. You know you have to buy Primal Carnage FIRST, before you can get the free stuff.