‘Routine’: No HUD, no health packs, no point system, all fear.

I stumbled upon indie dev LunarSoftware’s survival horror title Routine while going through my RSS reader. The player finds him- or herself on an abandoned moon base, trying to determine the cause of the disappearances of its inhabitants, all while trying to avoid being murdered by…something:

Being the horror vet that I am, I honestly haven’t been scared by a survival horror game since the original Silent Hill. I appreciate the creepy ambiance of the Slender Man games, but haven’t been scared by them – I’m mostly motivated by not wanting to lose before I get at least half of the notes I’m looking for.

But this one…I mean, fuck going down pitch-black hallways while hearing the heavy, plodding footsteps of a giant creepy alien-thing, right? Nevermind that I can’t see what weapons I may have in my inventory because there is no HUD, nor can I access that non-existent HUD to check my health. Not that it’d matter, because you don’t get health packs anyway. Also, perma death.

Perma death.

Not sure when this title will be released, and on which platforms, but I will keep you posted.

So who’s up for the Routine challenge?

via MCV.com