So I guess I’m the only one who remembers ‘Black Jesus’ was already a thing


Riding high off of the announcement of The Boondocks season 4 premiere date (April 21, 2014, btw), I was over the moon when news broke recently that series creator Aaron McGruder will be bringing a new, half hour live-action series to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim called Black Jesus, starring John Witherspoon, Charlie Murphy, and Corey Holcomb, with Gerald “Slink” Johnson in the titular role.

I. Was. Geeked.

However, none of the articles I read about the show made any mention of it being based off of vignettes that were released a few years ago on the ‘BoondocksBootleg’ website and YouTube channel. To me this was odd, because the vignettes were so effin’ funny. I remember waiting anxiously for the vignettes to come out (along with the Tubesteak vids, pure hilarity, those), but they stopped being produced, so I was forced to move on with my life.

To me, this news was exciting, and I found myself wanting to reacquaint myself with the content. Sadly, I hit a brick wall. The YouTube account ‘BoondocksBootleg’ no longer exists; you can find one, maybe two of the Tubesteak videos under other accounts on the site, but none of the Black Jesus vignettes. The only thing I saw that was associated with Black Jesus was a video of the series’ full-length theme song. And as far as the website goes:



Undeterred, I pressed on. Fortunately, a brief internet search helped me locate a few of the Black Jesus vignettes, and they’re just as funny as I remember. Check out the videos below to see for yourself, and get an idea of what we may expect from the Adult Swim series, which is due to premiere later in 2014.

Black Jesus_ It's Getting Old by 848FILMS
‘Black Jesus: It’s Getting Old’

Black Jesus In the Club by chizkopf
‘Black Jesus: In The Club’

Black Jesus Gluttony (a k a Deadly Sin #6) by chizkopf
‘Black Jesus: Gluttony aka Deadly Sin #6’