So we’ve got new neighbors…(New Video Inside)

I make it my business to let you guys know that we live in Detroit. I know most folks have their opinions about this town, most of them negative, thanks to selective media coverage. There are truly nice blocks to live in in the city, but they’re in pockets which are surrounded by blight. This is our situation, currently. Our house is great, our block is great, and when we moved in, our neighbors were great. Folks took care of their lawns, kept their kids in check (mostly), and kept their fences well, if you know what I mean. Then, then a couple of families moved.

This always strikes fear in the heart of homeowners who’ve found a decent section of the city. You never know who’s going to replace the family who’s left. Will they be cool like them, or be a complete and unmitigated ratchetfest?

Well, we lost two families last year, and guess who filled the empty spaces? You bet: complete, unmitigated ratchetfests. Both of them.

I won’t tell you here what qualifies them as ratchet, but they have inspired a new video series, the unfolding of which should give you an idea of just how awful they are.

In my suffering, I give to you: The Hood Dweller’s Guide to Being a Good Neighbor