“Star Wars: This is Madness” lets nerds have all the fun of sports brackets without needing all the burdensome knowledge of sports

One thing I’ve noticed about my life is that when I started doing this nerd thing professionally, the space of time in my life that used to be devoted to watching sports got drastically smaller. I just don’t have the time to keep up with things like “top seeds” and “league positioning”. How bad has it gotten? Let’s just say that at this time last year, I won the booby prize for ESPN’s inter-agency March Madness bracket challenge by coming in DEAD LAST.

So imagine my joy to learn that Lucasfilm is now offering a Star Wars-based version of March Madness. Players will rank the good guys of the light side as well as the bad guys of the dark side in an NCAA March Madness-style bracket listing until one remains. The video below has Darth Vader stating his case:

I know Star Wars fans don’t have much to thank George Lucas for, but can we at least give his team props for this?

via Mashable.com