Syfy to introduce first-of-its-kind TV/video game hybrid “Defiance”

Cable net Syfy is about to embark upon an ambitious project the likes of which we’ve before never seen: Defiance, a drama/video game hybrid about human beings dealing with life on Earth after an alien invasion and subsequent war:

It’s a risky move at best, and a very expensive one at that: the NBCUniversal network is shelling out nearly $100k for the project, $60k of which is dedicated to the game, developed by Trion Worlds:

Not helping matters is that the game, an MMO that released on consoles and PC April 2, had a buggy, lag-time filled starting run. It’s worth noting that gamers will need to shell out $60 for the game, the cost for a lifetime subscription.

Things appear to have worked themselves out, however, and just in time for the show’s April 15 premiere. You will witness our fellow earthlings (Hey Julie Benz!) trying to cope with a dramatically re-formed Earth while trying to learn to live with seven different types of alien life forms. The show is scheduled for a 13-episode run.

So how ’bout it folks, have any of you Nirds already played Defiance? Do you like it? And is anyone planning to watch the show next week? Let us know!