The Most Interesting Man in the World has just moved Cinco de Mayo to Dos de Mayo. Because he can.

You know what sucks? Well, lots of things, but for those of us with 9-5, Monday-Friday corporate jobs who also like to get hammered, it’s having a holiday that you celebrate by getting hammered fall on a Sunday. Until the commie liberals in Washington bless us by forcing companies to offer paid hangover days, you either have to 1) call in sick the next day (what we in the biz call the “brown bag flu”); 2) take a vacation/personal day in advance, and risk the judgement of all of your coworkers; or, 3) not get hammered.

As if.

We’re fortunate – no, BLESSED – to live in a time where the Most Interesting Man in the World exists, and exists awesomely. He’s done us all a solid by moving the only nation-specific holiday that’s drunkenly celebrated outside of said nation from May 5th to May 2nd…which still doesn’t really work for us, as it’s a Thursday, but dammit he’s got a product to sell, and it just wouldn’t make sense for Dos Equis to ask you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Tres de Mayo, would it?