The Nirdy Birds Just Watched: Evil Dead

My emotions, upon hearing that a remake was in the works, were a roller coaster: first excitement (Ash is back!), then disappointment (what do you mean, no Ash?), confusion (Ash will be…a girl?), then cautious optimism (OMG did you guys see this trailer?). Cautious, because this movie looked seriously scary, and if you’re a TED fan such as myself, you know the original was anything but. I wasn’t necessarily amped for a camp-less remake. It was the camp that made the movie in the first place.

My concerns were allayed when in this Metro Times Detroit article Mr. Campbell himself admitted that TED was always intended to be a scary movie, and that the camp was unintentional. Armed with this knowledge, I was resolved to give ED my full, unbiased attention. Continue Reading